Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls

First seen in the 1999 Humana Festival of New American Plays, Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls is a quirky journey that follows a bunch of twenty-somethings in their quest for love and identity. Strangers, friends, lovers, and acquaintances travel the globe from Alaska to Hawaii and from New York City to Inner Borneo, exploring themes of migration, evolution, and interconnectivity. Babies, wild dogs, komodo dragons, and hula dancers abound in this hilarious play about finding your tribe in a world gone haywire.

Featuring: Brooke Calcagno, Mario Calcagno, Joel Harmon, Britt Harris, Tom Mounsey, Zoë Rudman, Tyler Ryan, Beth Thompson, R. David Wylie

Written by: Naomi Iizuka
Scenic Designer: Ryan Nicolai
Light Designer: Jeff Woods
Costumer Designer: McKenna Twedt
Sound Designer: Liz Young
Props Designer: Beatrice Yanazzo
Production Stage Manager: Erin K. Giblin
Production Manager: Annalise Albright Woods
Artistic Supervisor: Kerry Ryan

Production Photography: Gary Norman

Presented by Theatre Vertigo
At Theatre Theater, Portland, OR
May 10-June 8, 2013