An Evening with Molière

Three early one-act plays by Molière performed by students at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School

The plays:
The Jealous Husband
The Flying Doctor
Two Precious Maidens, Ridiculed

Featuring: Craig Bater, Ileana Chan, Adalgiza Chemountd, Jared David, Brandi-Lea Harris, Caroline Hurley, Leon Klein, Kirsten Kuppenbender, Shelly Leibembuk, Devin Luke, Robert Matye, Julie Jones Ivey, Vera Miao, Rachel Hutchison, Konstantine Malakos, Erica Rhodes, Alex Sell, Miriam Tobin, Kyle Tregurtha, Simon Trevorrow, Soseh Yekanians

Producer: Geoff Berman
Production Design: Eric Southern
Technical Direction: Ben Weaver

Presented at Atlantic Stage 2
November 9-12, 2006