Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka


Homer’s Odyssey is transported to the modern world by playwright Naomi Iizuka, whose multicultural heritage informs this work. In search of his mother after being shipwrecked, a young boy named named Anon travels alone through the United States. As he encounters menacing and enticing character— from a one-eyed butchers to barflies to workers in a sweatshop—Anon struggles to find his identity and a sense of home.

by Naomi Iizuka

Featuring: Connie Bahng, Lawrence Bierra, Jordy Diaz, Clarise Fearn, Daniel Ghezzi, Dan Krackardt, Natalee Merrill-Boyet, Celena Morgan, Maya Musial, Sydney Parra, Jelani Pitcher, Lauren Rexach, Lea Sevola, Ian Smith, Mackey Smith-Simons, Dan Wisniewski, Rachel Wong (Understudies: Emily Chester & Tuan Malinowski)

Assistant Director: Rachael Langton
Scenic Designer: RW Westbrooke
Light Designer: Emily Weisbecker
Costume Designer: Anna Blazer
Sound Designer: Josh Samuels
Production Stage Manager: Michelle Blau
Technical Director: Colin Stewart

Production Photography: Sheryl Sinkow

Presented at Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY
December 1-6, 2015