Con: A Play About Liars

A world premiere of a new play by Sarah Gancher, created in collaboration with SquidShow, Telluride’s most prolific theater company

Con: A Play About Liars examines what it is to be a con artist, what a con is and why they are all around us. Exploring the history of the world’s most notorious con men and women, this play dwells in the world of lies, liars mischief and mayhem.

Featuring: Sasha Cucciniello, Dahlia Mertens, Thomas Shane & Colin Sullivan

Producer: Sasha Cucciniello
Producer: Colin Sullivan
Design: Melissa Trn
Stage Management: Luke Slattery

Production Photography by Jim Hurst

Presented by SquidShow Theatre at The Nugget in Telluride, CO
July 28-August 1, 2011