Set in the 1940s in a small northeastern town, this titillating new adaptation by Jen Wineman places the heroines in Rosie the Riveter’s overalls and Donna Reed’s pearls. Lysistrata’s campaign to end war, leads the women of Athensville to withhold sex from their husbands and lovers to force a peace accord. The demure housewives shed their inhibitions and firmly grasp control of their situation as they tease a peace for the country. The comedic tension builds to a hysterical climax in this raucous, bawdy happy idea of a play by the “father of comedy” that calls us to seriously consider the idea of war through no-holds-barred laughter.

Starring Lisa Beth Birnbaum as Lysistrata and Blake Segal as Commissioner Gordon

Featuring Whitney Andrews, Gabe Aprea, Michael Bobenhausen, Arlene Bozich, Shavana Clarke, Madison Coppola, Natalia Cuevas, Sarah Jensen, Sam Kebede, Curtis Longfellow, John Manning, Chester Martin, Gavin McNicholl, Joon Ho Oh, Scott Redmond, Susannah Resnikoff, Adetinpo Thomas, Bryce Wood

Assistant Director: Harry Elfenbaum
Dramaturg: Rachel Schneebalg
Scenic Designer: Geoff Ehrendreich
Light Designer: Adam Lobelson
Costume Designer: Fiona Shaw Mumford
Sound Designer: Daniel Bria
Production Stage Manager: Julien Tremblay
Technical Director: John Parmelee

Production Photography: Gerry Goodstein and Troy Caldeira

Presented by Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Storrs, CT
February 25-March 8, 2015