The Lucille Lortel Theatre

“The bizarro, irreverent world of Dav Pilkey, the creator of the Captain Underpants books, has been deftly translated to the Lucille Lortel Theater’s stage.…the creative team shines. Breezily directed and choreographed by Jen Wineman, the show benefits from Tim Mackabee’s designs for the set and some small puppets, which preserve the novel’s comic-book feel.”
The New York Times
NYT Critic’s Pick

“Prepubescent youngster are bound to be spellbound by this doggone upbeat tail-wagger directed and choreographed with exceptional panache by the very talented Jen Wineman. She must have had a big bag of treats (and a rolled-up newspaper) available during rehearsals to get her terrifically polished cast of six through all its delightful hoops.”
Theater Life

“Director Jen Wineman (who also does the choreography) has the actors play their roles as seriously as possible, which is why the humor works and why the show appeals beyond the fifth grade.”
Stage Biz Review


Pittsburgh CLO
Pittsburgh, PA

“Throughout the competition, witty banter, moderated by Price, catchy songs and contemporary choreography elevate the storyline and engage the audience well beyond how I anticipated a musical about a game show would do.”
Pittsburgh in the Round

“Jen Wineman's direction enables the actors to maximize the comedic effect of every line.”
Theatre Is Easy

“Written by Gianmarco Soresi and directed by Jen Wineman, this show has a great deal of comic appeal but it also smacks of reality. The unique two-hander uses a clever combination of storytelling, stand-up comedy and a play within a play. The theater's intimate setting is the perfect venue for the production.”
Broadway World

“As performed, it’s not as complicated as this may sound: generally upbeat, it has bits of music and dance, lots of amusing lines, occasional profanity, and various theatricalist touches, nicely crafted by director Jen Wineman.”
Theatre’s Leiter Side

“Director Jen Wineman makes wonderful use of the modest space, effectively creating multiple worlds through intimate blocking and creative movement.”
Plays To See

“Wineman and her creative team — set designer Tim Mackabee, lighting designer Alan C. Edwards, projection designer Alex Basco Koch, costume designer Eduardo Sicango, sound designer Luqman Brown and fight director Michael Rossmy — have made “Chad Deity” an immersive multimedia experience, one that delivers all the flashy excess professional wrestling demands while also conveying the play’s themes and more meaningful moments.”
The Miami Herald

“Even with two acts, this show races along due in part to the endlessly inventive direction of New York-based Jen Wineman.”
Florida Theater Onstage

“Director Jen Wineman places equal emphasis on physical action and dialogue. She also paces the production well. Wineman helps the actors find just the right satiric tone for this stinging play. The director has several surprises in store for audiences.”
Theatrical Musings


Virginia Rep
Richmond, VA

“Director Jen Wineman has cast some top-drawer talent from around the region and New York stages for the production, and keeps the action moving at a snappy pace.”
Broadway World


Tantrum Theater
Dublin, OH

“Director Jen Wineman’s zestful staging heightens the rollicking humor but never at the expense of the play’s emotional core: two poor children with a rich imagination.”
The Columbus Dispatch

Feature Story


Dorset Theatre Festival
Dorset, VT

“Director Jen Winemen, without diminishing Ludwig’s wit, chose to heighten the physical comedy. Some will love, while others will hate, the extravagant physicality. Slapstick moments were drawn out as long as the laughs lasted, and shtick was repeated over and over.”
The Rutland Herald

Feature Story

“Director Jen Wineman knows how to do theater.”
Manhattan with a Twist

“Directed in an invigorating style by Jen Wineman and performed by a terrific cast, does rumble with a kind of excitement and energy audiences rarely find on stage.”
Sarasota Herald Tribune

“The ever-inventive Jen Wineman whips the crowd up to a fine frenzy with her direction, and keeps the action clear despite the sensory overload.”
Sarasota Observer

“I would expect this play to be the providence of male directors, but it is impossible to argue with the results Jen Wineman delivers.”
Talkin' Broadway
“Director Jen Wineman and her creative team have constructed a rich and vivid multi-media experience that transports the audience right into the heart of the action.”
The Bradenton Times
“Under the direction of Jen Wineman and with a cast of muscled, sleek actors ready, willing and able to engage in the physicality of the piece, Chad Deity is, much of the time, a hoot.”
Sarasota Magazine

Feature Stories


Playmakers Rep
Chapel Hill, NC

“Director Jen Wineman creates an explosive, colorful experience that includes episodes of melancholy, titillating humor, downright horror, heart-throbbing passion, but not a moment of respite.”
Triangle Arts & Entertainment
“Dark, deep, disturbing, and droll are the perfect words to describe Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s 1979 musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, onstage now at Playmakers Repertory Company under the rich and vibrant direction of Jen Wineman.”
Triangle Arts & Entertainment
“In addition to her solid character work, guest director Jen Wineman’s vivid stage pictures and compositions animated crucial ensemble pieces.”
Indy Week

Feature stories:


Asolo Rep
Sarasota, FL

“It all feels just right in director Jen Wineman’s condensed but lively adaptation. She gives the show a modern setting and puts the focus squarely on the play’s four young lovers, who will likely be most recognizable to the target of middle, high school and college students.”
The Herald Tribune

“Jen Wineman’s adaptation is true to the earthy source, just shorter, with a different local habitation…Wineman also directs—and keeps the dreamy action going with takes, double takes, and athletic bits of business verging on dance….Wineman succeeds artfully, both as playwright and director. Together with the actors and creative crew, she makes Shakespeare’s magic come alive.”
Your Observer

Feature stories:


Triad Stage
Greensboro, NC

“Director Jen Wineman brings a tightly executed piece of hilarity to Triad Stage. When a director’s clear vision is coupled with a creative team as capable as Timothy R. Mackabee (scenic design), Jesse Belsky (lighting design), Gabriel Clausen (sound design), and then supported by such a spectacular cast, it is very difficult not to have magic on the stage.”
News and Record

“The cast in the Triad Stage production of The 39 Steps, under the direction of Jen Wineman, pulled off the gambit with tight precision and rollicking interpersonal chemistry during the Sept. 5 premiere in Greensboro, which also inaugurated the theater’s 2014-15 season.”
Triad City Beat

“Director Jen Wineman makes us feel as if we are a part of a very specific, very heightened world, and makes sure that the audience is always in on the jokes.”
From the Front Row


Washington Ensemble Theatre
Seattle, WA

Seattle Times' list of "5 plays you need to see in Seattle"
The Seattle Times

“My stomach hurt from laughing and tears rolled down my cheeks.”
Capitol Hill Times

“There is cleverness here, good laughs, and a knack for turning what they used to teach in school about the triumph of Columbus and his patron Isabella on its head—with silliness applied thicker here than savagery.”
The Seattle Times

“Detzer as Maxima, wearing a fake warty nose and a giant hump beneath her dress, seems right at home in this louder-than-life production directed by Jen Wineman. And it ends, as you know it must, with a bang.”
The Stranger


Group Hamilton Stage
Rahway, NJ

“This new musical already delivers quite a bit of fun. And that’s not easy to do.”
The New York Times

“Jen Wineman’s adept direction keeps the action moving along at a steady clip with no dead spots or hurried delivery…. Brent Crayon’s musical direction and Jen Wineman’s choreography really drive this show.”
NJ Arts Maven

“Wineman is an eclectic choreographer as well as director, her dance numbers flitting everywhere from jazz to Latin-flavored to, most inventively, dubstep.”
Smart Reviews

“Deb O has created designs which fully implement director-choreographer Jen Wineman’s approach to the material and are delightful to contemplate in and of themselves. Both Wineman’s direction and the scenic production (which includes cartoon cut-outs as scenery and stage properties) perfectly illuminate the style of the writing.”
Talkin’ Broadway

“Bubble Boy bursts with fun. An adorable, clever and even poignant theatre offering…get yourself through one of the tunnels to enjoy the debut production of what will surely become a classic.”
The Examiner

“Bubble Boy is a musical that will go far…clever musical numbers, creative staging, and an ever-talented cast. This musical is heartwarming fun for all ages.”
Broadway World



“Jen Wineman’s direction is crisp, fast paced and explosive.”
Times Square Chronicles

“This daring, fun production takes the bare facts of Henry VIII’s first two marriages and drapes them with hip-hop, rap, and attitude, while keeping it on-point. The innovative presentation of the story takes nothing away from its pathos and believability. Yes, it is a modern historical mash-up, but it totally works.”

“Director Jen Wineman has created a stunning production and some terrific dance numbers.”


Elektra Theatre

A New York Times Critics Pick!

“Poking fun at the pasty-white underbelly of Brooklyn’s boho crowd, of course, is like shooting free-range ducks in an artisanal barrel. But F#%KING UP EVERYTHING manages to do it exquisitely well…Cheeky direction and choreography by Jen Wineman…winsome love story…The pop-rock songs (written by David Eric Davis) are catchy. Likewise the gags — a Noam Chomsky puppet makes an appearance — are often very funny.”
The New York Times

“Director Jen Wineman puts a contemporary spin on the classic approach to musical comedy, creating a cast of characters who are both archetypal and original.”
Show Business Weekly

“Hipster rock musical F#%KING UP EVERYTHING is profanely divine…Despite its title song dropping more F-bombs than you’d think possible in a single number, F#%KING UP EVERYTHING is actually a sweetly old-fashioned boy-meets-girl musical…Energetically staged and choreographed by Jen Wineman and engagingly performed by its youthful ensemble, the show is lighthearted, breezy fun. While youthful audiences will find it most relatable, older musical theater fans shouldn’t be put off by its deceptively offensive title. And they won’t even have to board the G train to see it.”
The New York Post

“It’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s loose…for those seeking a fresh musical ripe with humor, F#%KING UP EVERYTHING delivers…As for the cast, Max Crumm sells the geeky and awkward Christian well, leading a strong, young cast.”
The Huffington Post

“Director/Choreographer Jen Wineman has crafted a high-energy show that moves by at a clip and never drags and makes for a fun evening if you’ve got the scratch…the cast and music pulse with enthusiasm…The cast of seven (with two actor/instrumentalists) are funny and cool and have great sets of pipes.”


Triad Stage
Greensboro, NC

“What a playground. There’s beautiful and mesmerizing shadow play that could be a show in itself, rocking and rolling ship shenanigans, and, in the end, a kind of turtle horsey-ride that will prove (or disprove, depending on your perspective) all of Rougemont’s tales. The audience hangs on every fantastic detail of this character’s life, from sickly child, to renowned hero, to abject outcast…This play will surely go down as a favorite whether you are new to Triad Stage or a long-time fan.”
Classical Voice of North Carolina


Telluride Theatre
Telluride, CO

“WAKE UP! is a romp through silliness…I can’t stop laughing. And this is exactly the point…as usual, Telluride Theatre brings a capable cast together for the show…they become terrific conduits for material that is utterly silly—where situations are ridiculous, characters are bumbling and shenanigans are manifold. Which usually makes the audience feel good.”
Telluride Daily Planet


Cambridge, MA

“Gloriously silly, and gloriously funny…You don’t even have to have seen ‘Roller Boogie’ to love it….Director and choreographer Jen Wineman clearly adores all this nonsense, since she’s replicated it in loving detail…”
The Boston Globe

“Dreamy in its cheesiness…let’s hope ROLLER DISCO makes it to (off) Broadway so the rest of the world can enjoy the short shorts and sparkles too.”
Nite Life Exchange

“Brilliant…witty…lighthearted…absurd…and different. A sarcastically campy musical that delights! The perfect treat!”
The Patriot Ledger

“Awesomeness on wheels…Director Jen Wineman mixes the perfect comic timing of her veteran actors with the enthusiasm of her newbies … the fun builds momentum like a pair of kids skating down a steep hill in a chase scene… ROLLER DISCO is so effortlessly good that it makes you wonder why mediocre comedies exist.”
New England Theatre Geek

“Overall, the success of the production is due to the strong ensemble lead by Jen Wineman’s extremely capable and nuanced directing with stellar choreography. If you’re looking for a fun night in a comfortable venue, look no further than Club Oberon’s newest show Roller Disco: The Musical! with its limited engagement until August 30.”
My Entertainment World

Feature stories:


Abingdon Theater

“…Spectacularly dazzling. Director Jen Wineman has done a bang-up job in taking a decades-old script and infusing it with life, and more than one breath of fresh air. Technically, it could not be more perfect…”
Nite Life Exchange


HERE Arts Center

“Von Holt’s writing is disciplined and measured. Her total commitment to her idiosyncratic fantasy is matched by Jen Wineman’s understated direction.”
The Village Voice


The Culture Project

Trout Stanley is … “hysterically funny”… “a deliciously lyrical piece”… “Directed with zest by Jen Wineman, it could give wacky talkiness a good name.”
The New York Times

“Director Jen Wineman keeps the small stage from being static during the longest speeches, and seems to keep all audience views of the in-the-round stage interesting. She also keeps the tone of the show unified, with sudden dramatic moments, aligning with comedic ones”… “There is much to love here.”
Broadway World

“Director Jen Wineman embraces the oddity of the script without sacrificing sincerity”…this “remarkable play dances between high camp and bold sincerity, laughing all the way.”

“Twenty-five centuries after the playwright Euripides sent her packing in a dragon-drawn chariot, the infamous child-slayer (Medea) is wreaking domestic havoc on stages across America”… “Bradford Louryk’s Klytaemnestra’s Unmentionables, which camped it up at New York’s Here Multi-Arts Center last December, included an impersonation of Medea, as well as an overwrought Fury and other X-chromosome Greeks…Plays like Klytaemnestra’s Unmentionables situate their protagonist’s hopes and frustrations in the context of a postfeminist era.”
American Theatre Magazine