Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

The first east coast production of Sarah Ruhl’s stage adaptation

After living 200 years as a handsome English nobleman, Orlando falls asleep and awakens—as a woman. In a dream or in reality, Orlando must now continue on in a body she does not recognize, but perhaps always sensed was her own. Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s seminal novel examines time’s relentless drive forward and our instinct to fill each moment of life with poetry, imagination, passion, and eroticism.
Featuring: Tomas Andren, Zach Appelman, Trai Byers, Alexandra Henrickson, AZ Kelsey, Aja Naomi King, Irene Sofia Lucio, Brenna Palughi, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Rachel Spencer, Babak Gharaei-Tafti
By Sarah Ruhl
Set Design: Po-Lin Li
Costume Design: Aaron Mastin
Light Design: Laura Eckelman
Original Composition: Matthew Suttor
Original Composition/Sound Design: Chad Raines
Wig Design: Erin Kennedy Lunsford
Additional Choreography: Christy Lee & Bronwyn Sims
Dramaturg: Jorge Rodriguez
Production Stage Manager: Allison Johnson
Production Photography by T. Charles Erickson
Presented by Yale School of Drama
Directing M.F.A. Thesis Production in the Iseman Theater
January 26-30, 2010